Sunday, December 30, 2012


OFFERED A JOB … WHICH JOB DO I CHOOSE? … Yesterday, while out on my afternoon walk to sweat a bit, the Director of a government agency met me in a shop and offered me a job – just like that. His deputy also asked me to work with them in 2010, but I kindly turned it down because I had just begun my new job. Should I take the job? That is a very important question that young workers must ask themselves when a job is offered them. Questions that go through the mind of many workers would include:
-          Are they going to pay me more?
-          Will they provide accommodation?
-          Will I move from one province to another?
-          Will I be travelling a lot?
-          Will the job take me away from those that I love?
-          Will the job take me away from things that I love?
-          Will I be travelling around the world?
If you are offered a job, ask yourself those questions.
So, how come the people in the agency are offering me the job – without me even filling out a formal application letter and sending in my CV?
Well, the story is a bit long. At least two of the most senior guys in the agency are my Science school mates at uni. No, this is not nepotism or wantokism, they know me and how we had worked together so many years ago - solving problems, doing experiments and writing up our lab reports.
You see, the dilemma I have is, if I join them, I will analyse and write scientific reports – and will be paid well for doing that (I believe); and possibly travel the world too. But then that will take me away from writing stuff like what I am doing now (I believe).
When the time comes for you to make a career change, think through the things I have mentioned.  
Money is not the only thing that you should consider.
Think through other things. Will you love what you will be paid for doing? Will it support your personal interests/hobbies?
As I thought about the offer yesterday, I realized that your relationship with other people in school and work can open doors for you later in life. When people know you can do something well, they will come for you.
However, if you are reckless and careless, you might not have people considering you – if they know you well but want a reliable, dependable person to help them with what they are doing for their company, department or division.