Thursday, January 30, 2014


THIS item is a bit more challenging because I am urging you, the students, reading this to aim high in what you choose to study.
If you are a student and reading this, I urge you to work to not just pass the different courses but to work to get the best grades.
You know, there are many students who work to just pass and then find that they cannot choose as regards education opportunities or jobs later on.
This tip was given to me by a teacher over two decades ago.

The teacher said, in whatever studies or courses you choose, aim to get the top grade.
She said, if you failed to get the top grade, you will get the second-top grade, but you would still be on top.

This principle is needful in sports also. A good team cannot accept results of being a good team that never wins a medal or prize.
Set you goal high and go for it.
Some of our national sporting teams – like cricket, netball and volleyball - have progressed well last year and are looking forward to better results this year and beyond.
Their coaches, management and players (even if they never said it) are not happy just participating in international tournaments. They want to go for the top awards. And so far, they have been doing well.
As students, you must also develop that kind of mentality.
Just passing a test and exam is not enough.
Aim for the top and develop plans to get the best results, if you want the best in the future.

Let me list a few reasons why it is important for you to score the best grades.

You will advance to the next level
Due to space limitation in our education system, many students leave school if their grades are low.
Those who get the privilege to continue onto Grades 9, 11 or to a tertiary institution are those who score the best grades.

You will choose what you want
People who get the best grades choose what they want to do. That privilege is not available for those who score low grades.
School leavers with good grades get job offers from different organisations or firms.

It carries on to other areas
Often this desire to do well carries over to other subjects that you will learn and other things you do.
Isaac Newton, the famous mathematician, physicist and astronomer – who formulated the theory of gravity and calculus - did not show any sign of being brilliant as a child.
Researchers studying his genealogy did not find any “brilliant” ancestor of his.
As a small boy, Newton got into a fight in school and licked his bigger opponent.
Not satisfied in just winning the fight, he studied hard to beat the boy in schoolwork. He succeeded in that too so his uncle sent him off to Cambridge where his intellect blossomed and he discovered theories.

Graduate trainee programme
Company advertisements in newspapers are now asking for university graduates to join their trainee programmes.
But note that the grade requirement is Bs or better.
Only the top students can get into such programmes.

So, I urge you to work to score the best grades.    

Next week: Take care of your body


Ko manatu mama'o

A song from the distant eastern shore

With a tale, a sad story and lore

Deep from an islander’s heart, the core

Ko manatu mama'o

It is a woman with a guitar

As if she’s singing to a distant star

That isle’s shore, from here it is quite far

Ko manatu mama'o

She’s looking out to sea and thinking:

Are our isles in this ocean sinking?

Saddened and yet strumming and singing

Ko manatu mama'o

T’was normal to play for crowds in France

Where people say: “Bonjour et bon chance”

But the singer can’t – no, does not dance

Ko manatu mama'o

Far, far from the big crowds her thoughts go

Back to the Pacific they fly, flow

To her island, to her folks, home sweet home

Ko manatu mo

On her island it’s very quiet

And awesome, marvelous is the sight

Towards east before morning light


Ko manatu mama'o

On that island, songs you can pick there

Poems, words, scripts and art is in the air

Like the coconuts in the palms fair

Ko manatu mama'o

Words and tune from Polynesia

Took its shape in Melanesia

Can be heard in Micronesia

Ko manatu mama'o

The story in that particular song

Is beautiful, nice, blissful and strong

Io, ko manatu mama'o

PS. I saw a clip of an islander strumming and singing and came up with this poem. (The last line would be translated roughly as “yes that thought from far, it’s fine/good”.)


HELLOW people.
So, how was the first month of the year?
Yes, tomorrow (Jan 31) will be the last day of January.
Whew! The month of January is out and we have 11 more to go.
I have been busy and will not be free to post a lot until mid next week, I think.

In PNG, we are shocked to have received news that a prominent lawyer, former diplomat, author and outspoken leader died of a heart attack in the early hours of this morning (Jan 30).
One of my uncles, who went to school with the late ambassador Peter Donigi, told us a few years ago that Mr Donigi was a very intelligent man.

Sadly too, one of our colleagues lost his father yesterday. He flew out of Port Moresby today to go home.

Last week, we also lost a cousin sister who has served as a nursing sister for decades in the province and during the crisis years in Bougainville.

Incidentally, over the weekend, when I was with some of my relatives, we also talked about the lives of our elderly folks – and it reminded me that we should at all times be a bit more sensitive and see how we can better take care of the needs of our parents, guardians or those we know.

May you all have a nice weekend.
Like I always say – be safe, get some exercise and for now, see how better you can take care of the sick and elderly.
Bon week-end.  

Monday, January 27, 2014


THIS is for your information, friends and relatives.
If you have a child in secondary school and s/he is struggling with Maths (or if you are a student and struggling with the subject), request for a free copy of “Raise Your Maths Marks”, a PDF file I created last year.

It is a 9-pager that gives tips on how a student should study Maths. Yes, the study methods one should use to become confident with Maths are not essentially the same as studying English!
(The file comes from my own experience. At one time I was also struggling with the subject, until a good teacher told me how to do well in it.) 

Good Maths marks are essential for studying Maths, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry (Physical), Accounting, Business Studies and Architecture, among others.

For a copy of the file, just inbox me your email address and I will send it to you.
My email address is:

QUOTE: “Learning mathematics is very different from learning other subjects.” – Dr STC Siklos, Faculty of Mathematics, Cambridge  

Sunday, January 26, 2014


WHILE visiting my relatives over the weekend, I was told that one of my nieces, whom I was a bit concerned over as regards her studies, had got Ds and Cs for the different subjects she studied in Grade 10 last year.
(In fact, she told her mother and younger brother: “Show it to Uncle Thomas when he comes around.”)

I am happy for her, as well as others elsewhere, who will be continuing on to Grade 11 this year.
Congratulations to her and all those students who will be continuing to the next level/year.

But now I have a task at hand, to compile my tips in a small booklet for her (and other students who may need it) – to help guide them do much better in their studies.
That is one of my goals in the next few months.
I will update you all on this important project.

Cheers and may you all have a nice week this week.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have set a goal -

If I don’t grow weak;

I will pen a poem -

One poem for each week

Now watch this, my friend

Give me your good ear;

I will bind them all

At the of the year -

And send them out

To good folks like you

Those I know quite well

And I don’t know too

Yes, that’s five tens -

And two poems on file;

A bad goal you say -

And will take a while?

Do not fret my friend

Don’t you think I’m fit -

For such a big task?

Well I am on it

I’ll write of the stars

In the far, far space;

And of things close by

Like folks at my place

I’ll write of the trees

The hills, the tall mounts;

My friends, views and moods -

Or the cool, nice sounds

That is a good goal

So you see my friend

The game’s on, I’m off

See you at the end

- Posted first in Pacific Indigenous Writers


HELLOW people. Have you noticed?
Yes, the fourth weekend of this year is almost up.
I hope you all have done well.

Weekend for me is starting but I have two meetings lined up for me tomorrow – my free day. (Both have to do with my interests, things apart from working to get paid.)
It will be a busy weekend for me, that includes my plan to visit some of my relatives over the weekend.

Well, I wish you all the best.
Stay safe, stay healthy and be good.
Bon week-end.