Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hey, the second week of 2014 is almost over.
How did you all go this week?
I have an assignment (work) and am still under some weight.
Hopefully, that weight will be removed late next week.
And then I can start to action some of my plans for this year – some of which were delayed from last year before other people did not keep their promises.

This year, I will be stricter with myself – and with others. Most of us are too lackadaisical – taking things for granted.
We must go up another rung, or two. We cannot keep on struggling up the same rung year after year.
I once read that a rabbi once said something like “success is always not getting to the top of the ladder, but going from one rung to another – making those small steps which will in time be a big step”.

With that I wish you all a nice weekend.
Stay safe and stay healthy in every way.
Bon week-end. 

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