Thursday, January 16, 2014


THE third week of 2014 is almost up.
I hope you all have spent the week productively.

Despite feeling a bit unwell, I am ending the week nicely.
I still have a work assignment to complete – which I intend to towards the end of next week.
Then … I have a few other things to do … apart from working to get paid.
And, of course learning Java to do my own computer coding. The aim here is to come up with programmes that can teach kids the basic principles in Science (e.g. Newton’s Laws of Motion) and Language.

Good things are coming up this year.
Make good use of opportunities.
Some opportunities do not give you gold now – but if you utilize them well, you can be seeing the fruits before the year is over.

Enjoy your weekend – be safe, be rational and plan to help others.
Bon week-end. 

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