Thursday, January 2, 2014


I AM ending the first week of 2014 – this new year, starting tonight.

Are you in motion? I mean, as in moving already to accomplish things this year.
I have a lot on my hands and heart already.
In fact, when the clock’s hand was going past 1.00am on January 1, after having a very late night dinner of rice and fried sausages, I refreshed myself and tidied up my bedroom wall.

Meaning, I posted up a few things including a portrait picture to remind me of things I have to do.
I was kind of excited by the whole thing and stayed up until 4.00am looking at the plain wall with a few papers that may not mean anything to anybody but me.
I will try to show you a picture of that wall and stuff on it, including appropriate explanations.

Until, I make another post, I wish you all a nice first weekend of 2014.
Bon week-end mes amis (Have a nice weekend my friends).    

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