Friday, April 24, 2015


I SAID earlier in the week (in a social network) that I am currently juggling three books and not knowing which I should really get into - or should I read a bit from this, then that and the other?
However, I made up my mind yesterday that I will complete Mudrooroo’s Wild Cat Falling first before I read any other book. (I got the copy from the second-hand shop months ago.)
I recently read the foreword to the novel (1965) and realised that what I had was the first novel by someone of Aboriginal descent in Australia. 
So that made the book more appealing. (Colin Johnson Mudrooroo is part Aboriginal.) 
I will update you later on the plot.

No TV? I realised (reminded by a thought) during the week that those of us who do not have TV read a bit more than those who do.
(I watch movies on a laptop though. But I do not do movie marathons. It can be stressful.)
If you switch off the TV more, you can find the time to read.
Just a reminder.