Sunday, January 26, 2014


WHILE visiting my relatives over the weekend, I was told that one of my nieces, whom I was a bit concerned over as regards her studies, had got Ds and Cs for the different subjects she studied in Grade 10 last year.
(In fact, she told her mother and younger brother: “Show it to Uncle Thomas when he comes around.”)

I am happy for her, as well as others elsewhere, who will be continuing on to Grade 11 this year.
Congratulations to her and all those students who will be continuing to the next level/year.

But now I have a task at hand, to compile my tips in a small booklet for her (and other students who may need it) – to help guide them do much better in their studies.
That is one of my goals in the next few months.
I will update you all on this important project.

Cheers and may you all have a nice week this week.

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