Thursday, January 30, 2014


THIS item is a bit more challenging because I am urging you, the students, reading this to aim high in what you choose to study.
If you are a student and reading this, I urge you to work to not just pass the different courses but to work to get the best grades.
You know, there are many students who work to just pass and then find that they cannot choose as regards education opportunities or jobs later on.
This tip was given to me by a teacher over two decades ago.

The teacher said, in whatever studies or courses you choose, aim to get the top grade.
She said, if you failed to get the top grade, you will get the second-top grade, but you would still be on top.

This principle is needful in sports also. A good team cannot accept results of being a good team that never wins a medal or prize.
Set you goal high and go for it.
Some of our national sporting teams – like cricket, netball and volleyball - have progressed well last year and are looking forward to better results this year and beyond.
Their coaches, management and players (even if they never said it) are not happy just participating in international tournaments. They want to go for the top awards. And so far, they have been doing well.
As students, you must also develop that kind of mentality.
Just passing a test and exam is not enough.
Aim for the top and develop plans to get the best results, if you want the best in the future.

Let me list a few reasons why it is important for you to score the best grades.

You will advance to the next level
Due to space limitation in our education system, many students leave school if their grades are low.
Those who get the privilege to continue onto Grades 9, 11 or to a tertiary institution are those who score the best grades.

You will choose what you want
People who get the best grades choose what they want to do. That privilege is not available for those who score low grades.
School leavers with good grades get job offers from different organisations or firms.

It carries on to other areas
Often this desire to do well carries over to other subjects that you will learn and other things you do.
Isaac Newton, the famous mathematician, physicist and astronomer – who formulated the theory of gravity and calculus - did not show any sign of being brilliant as a child.
Researchers studying his genealogy did not find any “brilliant” ancestor of his.
As a small boy, Newton got into a fight in school and licked his bigger opponent.
Not satisfied in just winning the fight, he studied hard to beat the boy in schoolwork. He succeeded in that too so his uncle sent him off to Cambridge where his intellect blossomed and he discovered theories.

Graduate trainee programme
Company advertisements in newspapers are now asking for university graduates to join their trainee programmes.
But note that the grade requirement is Bs or better.
Only the top students can get into such programmes.

So, I urge you to work to score the best grades.    

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