Wednesday, January 1, 2014


SORRY for the long delay for this post. I said I would post in on Sunday but did not.
I told you in the first post last month that there are these dreamers in the Bible (Joseph being one of them) who are special.

One thing that is apparent in Joseph’s story is that this type of dreamers are not mere dreamers, in the sense that we often label someone as a “dreamy” person.

You will note that Joseph (a man with a dream) did not spend most of his time under a tree dreaming for hours – he was right there in the midst of what he was tasked to do.
If you need any job done, give that to such dreamers – they were dedicated, reliable, responsible, committed, loyal and obedient.
But in the midst of all the busyness, their dreams did not disappear of diminish by any measure.

Take note of that as we progress through other verses and chapters in the book of Genesis to learn about this dreamer. 

Watch out for the next post to be put on shortly.

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