Monday, January 6, 2014


FROM time to time, I post things that I learned from experience. This is one of them. I was reminded of it on Friday.

If you had read an earlier post on my meeting two brothers on Friday for lunch and chat, you would have noticed the names of John and Just.
John works in the valuation of construction work along road networks in the Highlands of PNG and Just is more of an ITC/business guy.

In my conversation with John, he confirmed something that I was thinking about for the last few months – the thought of someone building a house at a cheaper price, cheaper than what the real estate owners in Port Moresby are charging. (It is common knowledge that the real estate industry in PNG is unregulated and it is ripping off the people.)

Photo: Another view along Champion Parade in Port Moresby Down Town.

Then I told the two about my wish to work on learning Computer Programming Languages this year.
I saw a video of a young boy creating apps and putting them on App Store. The boy said he learned the basics in programming languages like Python, C and Java.
Over the last few weeks I was not sure which of the three languages to start with. In fact, I picked up a book from the internet - Introduction to C Programming – and was browsing through it over the festive season.
Then during our conversation, Just said: “It is better to start with Java.”
He also made a few more important remarks.
So, yesterday, I picked up a book on Java and will be working my way through that slowly.
Thanks Just. Your comments were answers to my questions – questions I did not intend to ask you, and yet the answers just came out like that.

It is quite some experience too when you have questions that you do not know whom to ask and then there comes a situation and you’re sitting listening to somebody talk and your answers are provided without you asking.

Look out for opportunities like that this year. There will be many if you have a listening ear and have the habit of sticking around with the right guys.


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