Thursday, January 2, 2014


I AM still working on those pieces.
I will post as soon as I am done … another writing exercise that you can do to.

Just as an aside, a few days ago I downloaded some nice video clips from
One of them was about a young mother encouraging people to blog.
Mena Trott (2006) had some very interesting things on the exercise of blogging.
Some people blog for a bit more money and are doing well too.
Others do it to share their experiences and in the process urge others to be courageous and venture into worthwhile stuff – stuff they would not be able to do without proper encouragement.
Then there are others who share because it enlightens and refreshes them.

Trott tells the story of a cancer patient who passed the last moments of life blogging.
A relative later said the experience had relieved the patient.

Blogging is writing and writing can refresh oneself.
I hope you all the best in your writing ventures in 2014.
Go one more step up … or two more … or ten more.
You never know where that will take you.


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