Thursday, January 30, 2014


HELLOW people.
So, how was the first month of the year?
Yes, tomorrow (Jan 31) will be the last day of January.
Whew! The month of January is out and we have 11 more to go.
I have been busy and will not be free to post a lot until mid next week, I think.

In PNG, we are shocked to have received news that a prominent lawyer, former diplomat, author and outspoken leader died of a heart attack in the early hours of this morning (Jan 30).
One of my uncles, who went to school with the late ambassador Peter Donigi, told us a few years ago that Mr Donigi was a very intelligent man.

Sadly too, one of our colleagues lost his father yesterday. He flew out of Port Moresby today to go home.

Last week, we also lost a cousin sister who has served as a nursing sister for decades in the province and during the crisis years in Bougainville.

Incidentally, over the weekend, when I was with some of my relatives, we also talked about the lives of our elderly folks – and it reminded me that we should at all times be a bit more sensitive and see how we can better take care of the needs of our parents, guardians or those we know.

May you all have a nice weekend.
Like I always say – be safe, get some exercise and for now, see how better you can take care of the sick and elderly.
Bon week-end.  

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