Monday, January 13, 2014


AFTER midnight on Jan 1, I tidied up the wall in my bedroom.
The exercise became so exciting that I stayed up until 4.00am.
That meant I placed some papers on the wall to remind me of certain things I will accomplish this year.
Take a look at each of them in the picture and let me explain why each is important.

On the left is a calendar that I picked up from a newspaper.  
Calendars are important because they remind us of important dates, including due dates of our projects (school as well as work).
Some of our plans need to be completed before a particular time. Noting it with a pencil/pen on your wall calendar helps you remember – as well as prepare yourself psychologically for the day and week.
I have a 2014 calendar on the bottom right hand side. I can use a pencil to circle important dates and make notes.
There is a 2013 calendar on the wall. Some of the things I do require me to get past dates correct – what happened when, in the past.
That 2013 calendar would help.

Photo: The wall over my bed reminds me of different things

On the top right is a picture of an Arab girl. I have written about her some time ago – she is the character of a short film I saw late last year.
There are things I am planning to do to help children like her – those are my own projects.
Seeing her portrait reminds me of those projects and should urge me to put time into those particular plans.

I have posted the picture of a boy (bottom left) with the names of the different parts of the body.
When learning a foreign language, apart from learning greeting phrases, a bit of basic grammar and names of different objects, you have to push yourself to learn the names of parts of the body as well as the different clothes and pieces of furniture in the house or office.
In everyday life, we talk about “My head is aching”, “I have a problem with my hand”, etc. Learning the different parts of the body, clothes or furniture types, would help in your daily conversation. 
That means that over the year, the wall will see more papers/pictures/drawings going up to help me learn the names of different objects/things.

Between the picture of the boy and 2013 calendar is a blank piece of paper with some of my own notes written on it.
Those are things that I want to remind myself of … as in starting notes and the keys of different songs that I try on the keyboard.
It helps me remember.
You know, there are times you will remember things – things you must make note of before you forget.
That piece of paper allows you to at least scribble something before you forget.
We all do get bouts of inspiration at times, but when we do not note those ideas (or germs of inspiration) that visited us, they may disappear for good.
Some of the best ideas you will get is in your bedroom, when there is quietness, as when you wake up in the morning and your thoughts are running well as regards different topics.
That piece of paper is a good place to note some of those good thoughts and ideas.
I always keep a pen beside the bed just for that.

Those are the things on my wall at the moment. Throughout the year, I will put on other things to help remind me of things I have to do this year.
It is a method that I have been using for a while.
Every day, when I am changing to go out, I look at the wall and just by glancing at the papers on it as I am buttoning my shirt of combing my hair - and I am reminded again of what I have planned to do this year.

Students should pin up phrases to motivate them to do better in different things, including the subjects they are learning at school.
Others, if they want to, can pin up Bible verses.
I hope you also have some kind of wall to remind you to go out and make 2014 a remarkable year.
Best of wishes.

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