Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have set a goal -

If I don’t grow weak;

I will pen a poem -

One poem for each week

Now watch this, my friend

Give me your good ear;

I will bind them all

At the of the year -

And send them out

To good folks like you

Those I know quite well

And I don’t know too

Yes, that’s five tens -

And two poems on file;

A bad goal you say -

And will take a while?

Do not fret my friend

Don’t you think I’m fit -

For such a big task?

Well I am on it

I’ll write of the stars

In the far, far space;

And of things close by

Like folks at my place

I’ll write of the trees

The hills, the tall mounts;

My friends, views and moods -

Or the cool, nice sounds

That is a good goal

So you see my friend

The game’s on, I’m off

See you at the end

- Posted first in Pacific Indigenous Writers

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