Wednesday, June 4, 2014


THIS is the follow up to the last post on boxing.
Apart from Henry Umings (PNG) beating Jesse Travers in 64kg category, two other Papua New Guinea fighters who won their international bouts were Tom Boga beating Queensland champion Brent Rice in the 64kg and eager Thadiues Kato who beat Rhys Evans in the 60kg.

Photo: PNG Amateur Boxing Union President John Avira (with mic), and master of ceremony Jim Robbins, welcoming the fighters before the bouts.

The results of other bouts are: 
1. Che Kennally (Aust) beat Debbie Kaora in 69kg; 
2. Billy Lomov (Aust) beat Andrew Aisaga (TKO) in 61kg; 
3. Skye Nicolson (Aust) beat Annette Kora in 60kg; 
4. Simon Cooper (Aust) beat Peter Michael in 81kg; 
5. Luke Travers (Aust) beat Jonathan Keama in 75kg; 
6. Cherneka Johnson (Aust) beat Jacklyn Wangi in 51kg; 
7. Beipu Noka beat Mac Heari (TKO) in 56kg; 
8. Junior Kauko Raka beat Jonathan Lawas in 52kg;  and
9. Charlie Kema beat Lui Magaiva in 49kg.

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