Friday, December 9, 2016


I HAVE over the years been asked by many young people about the requirements of becoming a pilot trainee cadet with Air Niugini (ANG).
The most I have given them come from the ANG ads I see in the newspaper where they state that students must score Bs or better in English, Maths A and Physics to be eligible to apply for the ANG Pilot Training Cadet Programme.
I may give a bit more information to that because I have gotten in touch with a senior pilot with ANG - Capt CM.  
I walked into a shop today and bumped into him. Capt CM was my peer in national high school and a Maths A classmate, back in the late 1980s.
I had a small conversation with the captain and may get more information regarding the programme and any new arrangements that ANG has in mind regarding taking on young people in pilot roles/training.
Things are going to change a bit with the cadet programme, so I have been told. (That much I can give now. More will be confirmed and passed on to you later!)
That information would be available in early 2017!

PS. I told him of many young people asking about the requirements and Capt CM said he would be happy to help us pass along the right info to those interested when things were finalised. I told him too about the comments from a best aspiring student in Northern province who told me that he wanted to become a commercial pilot and get his mother off selling ice blocks to support him. Yes, that was the best comment I got from years ago from a student who want to enter the aviation industry as a trainee pilot.   

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