Sunday, April 28, 2013


SOME of the best stories I enjoyed are with the cab drivers.

I opened a folder about three weeks ago to compile some of the tales heard and discussed with these hard working people. Two weeks ago I was with a young man who ferried me on a 4km journey. The topic I kicked off with him was about how powerful our minds are.

Picture: Port Moresby down town on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
Our minds can take us over many mountains and get us to sit on thrones where few are.

But then if we are not careful the same mind can trick us into thinking that we rule the world and forget God. (I am speaking to myself as much as speaking to you.)

I recounted the story of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4 where he, the king of Babylon, the empire that ruled the world in that era, and had the best brains to guide him, made a big mistake.

He forgot about God and thought the world revolved around him.

The interesting thing about the story was in verses 24-29; he was warned in his dream (as interpreted by Daniel) that bad days were ahead if he continued with his bad ways.

Twelve months later, even after being warned and cautioned, he continued on in his evil ways and became insane and lived as a beast out on the field, and that included him eating grass.

It does not matter that you are 100% in tune with God, or 50-50, always acknowledge Him in your everything.

And when someone tells you you are going off track, be humble and take heed of the caution. There is One who rules … and will continue to rule.

Always acknowledge Him.

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