Wednesday, May 6, 2015


ON Saturday night, I noticed the sink in the kitchen having trouble. The water took too long to drain out.
I knew what to do. I unscrewed the elbow joint under the sink, took the pipe out and went outside and cleaned it up.
I saw the hole through one end was so tiny. When I pushed my finger into the pipe, the hardened grease/stuff coating the pipe crumbled. 
So for the next few minutes, I cleaned the pipe, scooping the grease and stuff out – the things that were blocking the pipe - and washing it out.
When I was done, I refitted the pipe and turned on the tap of the sink and scrubbed the sink. Water flowed smoothly.
I was then remembered of something – something that we are always reminded of from time to time. Our blood vessels (arteries and vines) are like the pipes that carry blood to the organs (stomach, kidneys, eyes, etc) of our bodies.
For those of us who are not physically active, our blood vessels are clogging up – with fats and stuff.
When the vessels clog up, the heart (the pump) has to work harder to push the needed blood to all parts of the body – as in the water in the pipe finding it hard to flow. As a result of that, we get high blood pressure and all sorts of things related to that.
Please, take care of your body and heart.
Walk, garden, run, jog, play a game, etc from time to time to make it easy for the pump to do its work. Have a regular exercise routine – every other afternoon or so.

Go slow on soft drinks and fast foods. Eat healthy foods – fresh fruits and vegetables and drink water, not soft drinks (or hard stuff). (I am forgoing soft drinks and Big Rooster for some time after I felt my body telling me so. I have my routine of exercise too – despite not slimming as fast as I would like to.) 

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