Wednesday, May 6, 2015


MY progress on learning Spanish is going well.
This afternoon, while waiting for tasks to be completed by others before I did my part (in the chain of the process), I learned the Spanish names of a person’s family members.
I also learned and copied the prepositions – with examples of those words in sentences.
For the last few nights, it was interesting that I was watching two movies and heard characters use Spanish. I recognized many terms and phrases used, thanks to my lessons from past weeks.

PS. I know of three people from years past who said they would like to learn Spanish. I do not know how far up they road they have gone. But I am sure, if I continue at the rate I am going, I may know more than them in the two months of this year (May/June) that I have marked for learning Spanish.
This may sound egotistic but the sad thing is many people have that desire to learn foreign languages but do not make any effort to learn – either from buying resources, researching online or getting views from others who may know a little about their language of interest.   

And they keep on wishing. 

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