Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I APOLOGIZE for being away from this site for a long time.
Work as well as additional duties, took my time away that I could not post as regularly as I wanted to.
Anyway, this particular theme has been on my mind for some time. It is to do with learning.

Once it was hard to learn certain topics.
However, with the advance of technology, it is now easier to learn all sorts of subjects – playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language and even learning Calculus.
Many universities are also putting their lessons/lectures online – as well as their worksheets and corrected assignment questions.
While most people are becoming obsessed with technology that is related to social media, ensure that you – a learner – continue to advance your learning with the help of technology.

My language interest (in French, German and Spanish) is made easier with lessons that are offered on YouTube.
You can download the videos there and visit other sites where you can work on concepts in grammar which can in turn complement what you are learned on YouTube.
In a social network, I have observed that a lot of people are interested in learning foreign languages (like French, Spanish or German) and the points listed above are the very points I give them – apart from others.

(NOTE: I will make a post on learning a foreign language in a later post.) 

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