Sunday, October 18, 2015


Your greatest asset in exam is not luck!
It is your preparation. Soldiers do that – they always prepare for an operation. Doctors do it. Sports men and women do that too. And good students always do that!
So, before going for an exam, prepare well.
Spend sufficient time each day on each subject – and in each subject, go over different topics, not only the ones that you love.

In your preparation, if possible, SPEND ONE HOUR on two or three different subjects EACH DAY. That is, ONE HOUR hour for English, ONE HOUR for Maths, and ONE HOUR for Business.
Then pick up another two or three subjects on the next day and do the same. Spend ONE HOUR on each of the subjects.  

You know, you only do Grade 12 exams once in life.
You will not do it next year, or the year after. For some of you, it is this year – 2015!
So, prepare well and give it your best shot!
For those who believe in God, you will not do it just for you and your family.
It will be for His glory too. So prepare well for His glory.

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