Tuesday, October 27, 2015


AS someone who desires to learn and master different skills, make use of the capabilities your smartphones have.

Here are suggestions:
1. Download language (French, German or Spanish) video/audio clips that you can play and let them run will you are busy doing something else.

2. Download videos of speakers on different topics you are interested in and let them run while you are doing something else, or just relaxing.
(Ted.com, the website, is full of videos on different topics – languages, education, writing or drones.)

3. Download creative music work (like the progression of guitar chords captured on a camera) and when you are somewhere else, play the file and listen. And try to – in your mind – or with another musical instrument, add another layer to the music.
If you keep on doing that for weeks, you can have parts for the guitar, lead guitar, flute/violin and keyboard done up.

The point again is: Technology – like a reasonable smartphone - is making it very easy for us today to LEARN or CREATE stuff.   

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