Wednesday, October 28, 2015


THE truly creative person who puts in the time and effort will have those moments where s/he would like to run from work back home where s/he can get back to the writing desk to pen more lines, or continue working on the tune s/he started the day before.
S/he can continue the effort for one hour or two hours or more and still find the energy and urge to continue to go on – and then realises s/he must stop or s/he will not stay awake for work the day after.
If you have come across such moments, it means you are passionate about what you are doing.
And be mindful – as one bestselling author said recently, “The success or failure that follows when you try selling your work is inconsequential!”
In other words, your world is creating stuff – because you were born to create stuff, not merely use what others created.
Whether the created stuff will be marketable today, tomorrow or in a decade’s time must be of no concern to you.
So, the message is: Continue with your passion regardless of the benefits!

(NB. If you think that is too tough, then you might change the type of stuff you are creating, and apply your creativity to something else, where you can easily market your products. And that may require you to learn new skills. If you want success, then start learning.)    

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