Thursday, February 20, 2014


I AM quite tired. There is something else I need to do tonight – but I will postpone that until tomorrow.
This week was quite tough – including the case of me searching for quietness without success. (But I did manage to get that little urgent task done.)

I thought I should take a Panadol tablet for my head – feeling a bit funny there - but then … just drinking water and having enough rest should help.
Had a look at my cupboard this morning while looking for a Panadol tablet and I could not find any – so I decided not to bother about tablets.
However, I found a lot of artesunate and antibiotic tablets in the cupboard, stuff I have not used for some time. In a way, that is good, let the natural immune system do its work.
If it can’t then, try some medication.
(My medication for flu in the last few weeks? Drink water, eat fruits and do physical exercises as well as getting enough rest.)

Did you notice that the month of February ends next week on Friday (the month has 28 days)?
Ten more months in the year and heaps of goals to achieve – I hope you have your own too.
Well for now, let me wish you all a nice, safe and productive weekend.
Bon week-end.  

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