Thursday, February 13, 2014


YES, another weekend’s coming up.
We just started another week, and it is gone.
I hope the best for you all this weekend.

I have one little thing to complete this weekend – an extra assignment, no not work but something to do with my personal interests.

Next weekend, I have booked my time for my nieces and nephews – some extra tutorial for them to see where they are with the basic skills in Maths and English.
Following that, I will have to prepare some work for them and teach them “routines” – something that is important and yet many students over the years do not master.

I am aware that in the military (or disciplined forces), “routines” are paramount.
Tasks that are done systematically, methodically and with great ease really come from developing a set routine over time.
Champion athletes also squeeze in some of those into their preparation plans.

Well, as I always say – be safe and be healthy over the weekend.
Do not use the weekend wearing yourself out that when Monday comes, you wished it was Friday.
And for students and professionals, do get your homework done before you go out for leisure activities.
So long.
Bon week-end.  
(PS. I will try to pen a poem for the week and post on Sunday.)

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