Sunday, February 2, 2014


I AM adding this small piece to the other posted earlier where I wished students (who will be starting school tomorrow) to do their very best this year.

A few years ago, while teaching somewhere, a church elder spoke to some of us teachers and thanked us for helping the children in his area.
He was also aware of the culture in the area that “dampened” the aspirations of the young.

It got to the point that we visualized some of the young people whom we were teaching “flying planes instead of pushing wheelbarrows” – or the grim knowledge that there could be “bright students” in our classes who were meant to fly planes, but due to all sorts of factors, they would settle for pushing wheelbarrows.
Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes, I am saying to you students, to aim for the best and be that best in what you do.
If you are supposed to be flying a plane (or piloting a submarine), then take this year seriously and put in the effort so that you do what you were meant to be – not what the culture, society or peers want you to be.
A seagull is supposed to in the air, not walking like a cassowary, the flightless bird.

Bon courage encore (Best wishes again).  

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