Thursday, February 7, 2013


DOCTORS will tell you that you can beat stress by eating properly (including cutting down on fast food), exercising and getting enough sleep each night.

These are some tips given by Dr Manny Alvarez last year in
Interestingly, he also advises people to limit internet and cell phone use.
Alvarez says: “By turning away from the internet and shutting off our cell phones, we can at least block some of the channels from which stress can reach us.”

You may have heard people saying that “growth often involves subtraction not addition”.
That principle is necessary in economics and business where unnecessary costs are removed from an organisation’s or country’s budgets to control possible wastage.
That is also true in personal budget plans.
When someone stops spending money on unnecessary things, s/he saves more.
Take the similar idea to your personal health and hygiene.

To be healthy and be effective as a student or worker, stop habits that only deteriorate your health.
Everybody knows smoking causes lung cancer and yet people smoke.
The same goes for betel nut chewing, it can cause mouth cancer.
Drinking alcohol puts a lot of stress on the kidney and affects the liver.
Often those who are involved in such habits do not say “oh, I have a problem”.
And they also try to justify their practice.
As a result, they walk around with a smoker’s cough and may even develop bronchitis in later years. People who chew betel nut can have the lime burning up their gums.
In years, they may get mouth cancer.

All of what I am saying so far is basic knowledge.
One does not have to attend Medical School to know this.
The doctors remind us about this in the media time and again.
Be honest with yourself, if you cannot be honest with anybody else. It is your life.

High school science tells us that our body has a number of important organ systems. These systems are made of organs.
The respiratory system has the throat and lungs. The digestive system has the gullet, stomach and intestine. The excretory system has kidneys and bladder. The circulatory system has the heart, blood, arteries and veins.
If these organs and systems do not function properly, we become sick.  
Smoking affects the respiratory system.

Drinking alcohol affects the excretory system and eating badly cooked foods, or drinking contaminated water, affects the digestive system as when we have stomach aches or food poisoning.

Do take care of your body.  

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