Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This point is a challenge. It is hoped that in the future many young learners will also become innovators. They will create new stuff – stuff that was not present in the past like new music, books, pictures, paintings, techniques of doing things, etc.

In every field there are innovators. Dr Ben Carson introduced new surgery techniques as in the not-done-before separation of Siamese twins, Mike Lazaridis gave the world Blackberry, Steve Jobs gave the Apple computer with its nice font styles and smart phones, etc.
As you further your education and work, try to be innovative. Do not just do what everybody else is doing. Think how you can improve a system that is in place – a system that may not be effective.

Remember Dr Muhammad Yunus’ story about starting the poor people’s bank in Bangladesh in the 1980s? He knew there was something wrong with the economics he was teaching and wanted to reach out and help more poor people with micro-loans. When reaching out, all the authorities told him that his idea was not practical. But he did not listen to them.

The bank he started (with help from others) – Grameen Bank - is now the top bank in Bangladesh with more than 8 million clients. Dr Yunus’ model is now used all over the world and also in PNG.  

NOTE: Dr Yunus' story was posted in this blog last week (February 6).

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