Sunday, February 10, 2013


Some say philosophy has its dangers, and that may be true in a certain way. However, to overlook it is to overlook the subject that was the predecessor of the sciences – physics, chemistry, etc – and law, history, etc. The first proper scientists were Greek philosophers like Archimedes (remember Eureka!).

The best scientists are also philosophers – natural philosophy is the name given to their studies (I think). 

In history, philosophers have also erred. Aristotle’s view about gravity was erroneous but was held tightly for hundreds of years until Galileo (the first real experimentalist) dropped a small and bigger stone from a tower. (See previous post.)

The Greek Aristotle said the bigger will hit the ground first. And everybody believed that for hundreds of years – including the many professors of Physics in Italy in those days.
Galileo dared everyone with an experiment to show that they will both hit the ground at the same time – not at different times. So he dropped the stone.
Who was right?
Galileo the experimental physicist.

Isaac Newton, the English astronomer/physicist/mathematician, built his theories on the Italian Galileo’s word.

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