Monday, February 4, 2013


A post by Kenneth’s about LINKING in PLS's Facebook page reminded me of the use of mnemonics to remember a list of things. It is useful in learning/memorizing.

These are some mnemonics I remembered over the years.
In music: The lines in a G-Clef are EGBDF (Every Good Boy Does Fine) and the spaces between the five lines are FACE (as in “face”).
The lines and spaces that appear on the Bass Clef have their own mnemonics also.  

You know, if you have a long list of items to memorise, try to create a mnemonic to help you remember.   

While studying Chemistry, we had to remember the first twenty elements of the Periodic Table. One night a Chimbu classmate sang a song that sounded like a traditional tune. We asked him what he was doing singing during night study time and he smiled saying: “I have composed a song. The words come from the first twenty chemical elements of the Periodic Table.” We were shocked at first but later saw the funny side of it.

I memorized those twenty elements too and can recite them anywhere and anytime. I just wrote the symbols of those elements HHeLiBeBCNOFNeNaMgAlSiPSClArKCa. Can you see the different elements in the very long word. I remembered the lot by thinking of a man named “HHeLiBeBCNOFNeNaMgAl” “SiP” “SClArKCa”. That is, the man with the long name “sip/drank” a drink called “SClArKCa”.
After many years I still remember that.

In classification of animals, in Biology, the different categories from the larger groups down are KPCOFGS … KP a man, “cough (COF)” “GS” a substance out.
K = Kingdom, P = Phylum, C = Class, O = Order, F = Family , G = Genus, S = Species.    

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