Sunday, February 3, 2013


A Grade 12 student over to the east, someone I helped in her studies years ago, said the “nightmare begins” tomorrow.
Yes, she and all her friends will also start school tomorrow – as would all students in PNG.

I had a few words with her tonight saying that this will be her last year at the secondary level and must make the best of it. (Grade 10 students and Grade 8 students must take heed because how you perform this year will determine whether you progress to the next level or not.)

When I was in school, there were some things that I did not like about school, but there are other things that I loved – I would be seeing some of my friends again and possibly read more books, books I did not have access to at home.
See the bright side of school when you go to start this week.

The Grade 12 student said she would like to get out of the country she is in. She is a bit tired. And I tried pointing out that education is one way you can get away from where you are to see other parts of the world. (You can always return to home later.)
Education does not respect race, your family’s status or your looks. It all depends on what type of grades you score on your certificates.
See it that way.

There are people who came from the village but are now are sitting in the nice office spaces and giving instructions to others to perform tasks.
The thing that got them to where they are now is education.
They have better or higher qualifications than the others – that is why they are now giving the orders.
Look at going to school this way: you are working for your future.

Work is not always nice to do, but for you to enjoy a bit of the life that is ahead, you must learn to work – and that also means learn to work in school as in faithfully doing your work from day to day.
Life you are enjoying now is shaped by others – including your guardians/parents. The life in the future will be shaped by you … NOW. What befalls you in the future will depend on what you do NOW.

I have also spoken to a niece and nephews (who are back home) to see what type of grades they scored last year. (I have a number of nieces doing Grade 10 this year, and I am concerned that they must do well in their studies.)

That is so I can help them better this year … as I plan to do so with you PLS friends who are still in school.

Last word for tonight: “Learn to love school and you will see the world of opportunities opening up.”


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