Tuesday, February 26, 2013


SAY NO TO SCHOOL FIGHTS … (Posted this in PLS Facebbok page.)
The media reported yesterday about the fight between two boys schools in Port Moresby.
Later in the evening, Minister James Marape warned students that if students are found to be involved in fights, the school management and board would expel them.
PLS friends in schools must refrain from taking part in fights. Fights and all forms of violence are bad. In the process of students fighting innocent students may be hurt.
I urge all PLS friends who are in school to stay away from all activities that may incite violence. More importantly stay away from students who are involved in all sorts of bad activities – drinking, smoking, cult, etc.    
Some of those people who are the main instigators are not worried about their future – or yours. All they want is to have a good time, and have their own way. They do not really care about anybody.
It is also likely that when fights are investigated, they might find that it all started from some senseless debate about nothing big.
Stay away from fights.

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