Tuesday, December 10, 2013


AFTER observing people for a long time, I think it is time I shared this too. (It follows yesterday’s post on “Moving Out of the Shadows”.)
Note that this is my view.
Those who spend their time away from parents or relatives will generally tend to respect and appreciate them better.
I am referring to students who spend most of their time in schools away from home.

The reason why we have a lot of young adults (some married with kids) having problems with their parents these days is that they are taking their guardians for granted.
And it is likely that they have never really lived away from their homes for a long period of time – therefore they would not appreciate their parents and guardians.
Parents and guardians do not have to be saints for them to be respected and appreciated.
It is part of who we are – it is part of our Pacific culture and our Christian beliefs.
One day we will be grannies too, and if we do things right, our children and grandchildren will continue to show us respect and appreciation.
As a side point, if you are a parent and have the choice to send your child to the school down the road or to a boarding school, it will be a good idea to send him/her of to a boarding school.
S/he can learn more about life away from you too, you know – and grow to be more independent.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: But check out the record of the boarding school before sending off the child. Is the administration taking control of the school or are cult activities and bullying accepted there. These days students learn from friends in some schools how to smoke cigarettes and consume alcohol. (That is not why they went to school in the first place.)

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