Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I MADE a point yesterday on a young man’s decision to live with a master and learn more than to find a well-paid job and learn less (Samuelson and Hemingway).
Yesterday evening I sent an SMS message to a relative. He told me that others in the big city were interested in hiring him for a job.
I asked him to think over his choice.
In ten years time, would the job take him closer to his personal dreams and goals – some of which were impressed by the Father himself?

Today, I got a call from a former colleague who was offered a job “out of the blue” and does not know what to do.
She says her current job pays her well but she thinks she is not doing enough.
I told her to pray about it and make her decision.
She has to decide for the job that would enable her to most useful. (Yes, often people are paid a lot for doing very little while others do a lot and are not well remunerated.)

You know, there are some jobs that will be offered us (if we have not yet) – where conditions are so good, and yet they will take us far from what is in our hearts, things that really matter, things that will advance the cause of others, things that will stand the test of time.
I trust the colleague will make the right choice.
I told her, once you make your choice, you cannot complain when things do not go right - you have to carry them and move.
May we all learn from that.

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