Thursday, December 5, 2013


I WAS reading police crime new stories this afternoon and made note of one.
It is of a woman in Port Moresby who was lured by someone (known to her) to a spot in Port Moresby where she was assaulted.
We must be careful with the use of phones.
Girls and young women must take note.

The idea of making phone friends must be avoided. Some who contact you have other motives.
(I cannot understand how one can be friends with someone whom s/he knows almost nothing about except the voice that is at the other end. Facebook friends are a bit different. You can check them out - their photos, likes, or their friends.)
If you feel that someone is touching on subjects that you feel are not right or you are uncomfortable with, just switch the phone off and make note of the number. Do not take calls made by that number in the future. (It is part of being disciplined.)
If they keep on ringing, switch the phone off altogether.
Two years ago, someone texted from out of the blue and asked for credits. When I refused to pass on phone credits he mentioned the name of a “sister” of mine and said she knew where she lived and other stuff.
I tried getting the point across that it is not my principle to hand out free credits and he started sending more threatening texts. Instead of starting a battle on the phone, I switched the phone off. The next day I replaced the SIM card.
I believed that guy (or his friends) may have hacked into my phone and got names and details of people whom I knew.

Young men can also be distracted – especially those who need to spend time studying (or working) and not answering every call that comes through.    
I often switch my phone off when I am asleep and do not switch it on until I have woken up, brushed my teeth and showered. I also need peace – that is one of the simple treasures in life.
Most people who know me know when to contact me. And I tell them, texting is better than ringing at certain times of the day.
They will have to go by rules, my likes – not if and when they like.

Technology is good but if not used properly, it can take you down a road that can ruin your dreams. 


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