Monday, December 30, 2013


THE year is almost over.
I did a check on posts I wrote for “one Facebook group” and found that for that group alone my notes amounted to about 289 pages and almost 100,000 words. (That includes items from October of 2012 until December 2013.)

What I do in most of my posts is to write in a word document using the desktop computer and then post on the page.
If you can do the same, you would have a lot of material, thoughts, reminders, etc in one single file – a word document.
Some of the points I posted became answers for others who ask me similar questions in other pages or social networks.
In another social network, which I am happy to be part of, those who ask questions are from all over the world – many are young people, while others are a bit older than me.

I know you have written a lot too this year.
Find a way to safely store copies of what you wrote. You know, some of your thoughts could be answers to questions others ask in the future. Instead of thinking all over again, just pick up the pieces that you once wrote and help others.

I have also learned in life that some of our best thoughts at one time can also become invaluable reminders and warnings for us in the future.
At times, I browse through a note I made in my “journal” from years back and am reminded of very basic but important things or people whom I have forgotten.

Point: Find a way to keep a record of what you write.

Take care!

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