Thursday, December 5, 2013


I HAVE been kind of slow this week, not posting as regularly.

One reason was, I am recovering from the malarial attack from last week and am taking things slow.
The other is that I have been tidying up the description of the short Moroccan film “Amal”.

Last night I went over the 17-minute long film again and noted certain important dialogues and actions that I did not include, or did not correctly describe.
You know, when people say, good books can turn your life around – well, good films/movies have the same effect. (Note that the converse of this line is also true).
Among other things, the exercise has enabled me to complete my first “novelise a film” exercise.
The film has also made Africa, particularly North Africa appealing.
And lastly, it has helped me learn a few words in Moroccan Arabic – usually called Darija.

- Written for Pacific Indigenous Writers

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