Saturday, December 21, 2013


SOMEONE requested to join PLS recently and I had to “bar” him because in one of his posts (on his page), he said something like “all those who do not follow his religion (non-Christian) will end up in hell”.
His words are militant-like and therefore I had to “bar” him.

PLS does not discriminate people of other faiths, but then most of the values that PLS promotes are Christian.
It is PLS’s wish to help everyone, regardless of their race or religion, but it will not allow people to force others to follow their faith.
PLS allows healthy debates on faith and values but no-one must force anyone to follow this or that religion.

It is also PLS’s wish to reach out to people (especially young people everywhere in the world) with education tools to help them become better people – better and productive in what they do.

Religion will not prevent PLS from moving out to help others.
Just a notice for everyone.

A new week is coming up – the last week of 2013.
I wish you all the best in what you do.
Bon courage.    

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