Tuesday, December 10, 2013


THIS follows my post yesterday about THE ROAD TRIP TO SEE THE MASTER – following the story of Arnold Samuelson travelling 2,000 miles to learn from famous author Ernest Hemingway.  
Will you take a job for $1.00 or K1.00 a day?
(I must be good to mention that during those days in the 1930s, US was going through an economic depression – the aftermath of the Great Depression. I am sure the arrangement with the author assured Samuelson of free meals and a place to sleep – possibly in the boat.)
But to Samuelson, he knew it was priceless to live with the master – and learn from him. And I think that was a good choice.

I often hear young people in school or fresh in the workplace talking/complaining about how much pay they are receiving and I think that is not healthy.
(If you are paid below the minimum wage, then there is a valid point there. Otherwise, keep your head down and work. If you are good, someone will notice months down the road and up your pay.)

A nice story I heard was from a friend who was practising medicine in my hometown over ten years ago. His tips on how to take care of the body has helped me immensely.
Anyway, he told me back then that he studied medicine because he wanted some challenge. He was doing Geology when the call came from the Medical Faculty that it needed more medical students.
He and a few more of my friends heeded the call. (His father was in the medical field and that may have influenced him in a not-too-obvious way.)  
He said when he received his first pay packet as a medical officer, he was at loss for words – yes, there was too much money. (Side fact: Doctors are paid more than teachers and journalists.)
That to me is interesting.
The friend studied medicine not because of the salary he would be receiving but because he wanted to take up the challenge.

Point: Just do your job. If you are good, the money will come. If you do not like the job, may be change your profession or look for greener pastures. But to complain almost every other day about your pay packet is unhealthy.

Happy working and happy living.

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