Tuesday, August 20, 2013


SOME Papua New Guinea diplomats are posted abroad without being properly briefed about their duties and responsibilities, a Government official said.
Acting secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade William Dihm told an induction workshop for public servants to be posted abroad that many officers were not properly briefed about their country, agencies represented, their personal and corporate duties and responsibilities. 

Photo: Minister Pato (fourth left front), Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs William Dihm (third right front) with newly appointed heads of missions, department of foreign affairs personnel for foreign missions. 

The workshop was held at the PNG Institute of Public Administration last Thursday for newly-appointed heads of missions and Department of Foreign Affairs personnel for foreign missions. They were told to understand a bit more about their own country, what is expected of them when in the countries they were assigned to.

He said many government institutions had lost their way and the Foreign Service was no exception.
“Our department has changed significantly,” Dihm said.
He said a PNG Foreign Service officer was someone with integrity, commitment and zeal.The induction workshop will run for two weeks.
The heads of missions are: Rupa Mulina (Ambassador to Washington DC), Fred Yakasa (High Commissioner to Solomon Islands), Joshua Kalinoe (Ambassador to Brussels).

Department of Foreign Affairs officers on overseas postings are: Franz Mizigi (Minister to Honiara, Solomon Islands), Brian Kaumu (First Secretary to Beijing, China), Nasser Tamei (First Secretary to London), Benjamin Kamil (Second Secretary to Tokyo, Japan), Farapo Korere (Second Secretary to Jakarta, Indonesia), Barbara Mimino (Consul-General to Sydney, Australia), Rava Chapman (Vice-Consul, Cairns, Australia),  Emily Lopili (Third Secretary, Brussels), Henao Iduhu (Third Secretary, Honiara, Solomon Islands), Christine Stuffie (Third Secretary, Jayapura), Lucy Kila (Third Secretary, Canberra, Australia), Sheryl Jogio (Third Secretary, Jakarta, Indonesia), Freda Felihau (Third Secretary, Singapore).

- From The National, August 20, 2013

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