Thursday, August 1, 2013


YESTERDAY, before coming to work, I had a chat with mother and the others at home.
The mother (pictured below) was talking about the need to take care of sick people and said “if my father did not stop me, I would have continued on to university to study medicine and become a doctor”.
The mother left school at Grade 10 and went back to the village (in Port Moresby) where she took care of the house and other family members.

I told the mother, who is almost 60, that since leaving school, she has learned many things – how to take care of people, how to talk to people, how to live with others – skills that the highly educated often lacked despite their knowledge. 

I also said that it is not too late for her to study to obtain a degree. It all depends on her – if she really wants to, she can go back to school. (But I advised her not to study medicine but something else – like humanities/social science.)

Sometime ago she told me about an Australian man she knew, who went to “after-hours” school to complete secondary school and obtained his certificate - something he wished he had done when he was younger. 
That is an achievement – a big achievement for the man. He does not need that for a job. It is just a goal that he felt he should achieve.  

In life, due to circumstances, we may not accomplish everything we want to when we are young.
But if YOU WALK WISELY, you just might accomplish all the big things you wished for before you leave this life.

I have to help the mother too … upgrade her education. That is a challenge for me.

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