Wednesday, July 31, 2013


HAVE you ever found it hard to start work – or get into your school books – after being in the office or classroom for over an hour already?
This item might help.

I was talking to a visiting cousin brother this afternoon before heading off to start work.
Before tying up my shoe laces, I checked for the guitar – one of two in the house. (The two guitars belong to two of the brothers in the house who are skillful guitarists.)
The visiting cousin seemed a bit surprised that I was checking for the guitar so I told him that usually (when nobody’s around), after getting dressed, I try to strum a bit on the guitar – just to get my “mental juices” flowing before I head off to work.
This habit is quite good.

Experts may have written about it but I have yet to read an article on this.
From experience, I have found playing a musical instrument is good practice to get you to focus even before heading to work (or school).
It takes your sleepiness away and prepares you mentally before starting the day.
If you have a keyboard or guitar, try this and see what difference it would make.

After sipping your cup of tea with biscuits (or whatever you are having for breakfast), just play for 20 minutes or so – then grab your bag/books and head for work/school.
Others find reading a book, a better stimulator to get their minds ready for the day. (Some may want to do Maths work or revise French phrases.)

Those who read their Bibles (every morning) already know how important that is.
If you do read your Bible and have a musical instrument, make time available for each.
They will help you focus.

Some people turn up for school or work and take one hour to adjust. That is one hour wasted.
You are a step ahead if you get your “mental juices” flowing before you get to work.

Over to you.  

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