Sunday, July 7, 2013


FOR a non-rugby guy, I enjoyed the first round matches of the tournament held on Saturday, July 6.
As said in the last post, I and a good number of people in the crowd were cheering Tahiti to score more tries in their match against the Cook Islanders.
After the game and despite losing 38-5, they won the hearts of the crowd in our stand when they came over stood in a straight line and sang a Tahitian song. 

Photo: Some of the guys who acknowledged our support by giving us a song when the game was over.

It was not in French. I heard the word “fenua” mentioned. Hopefully, we will find the name of the song to let you know which song was sung.
When they were done with the singing, the crowd cheered even more (I will try to post the clip later).
I will try to get to the field to watch their second game against Solomon Islands on Tuesday.

À l’équipe de Tahiti: You guys rock big time. Bon courage et bons jeux.

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