Monday, July 1, 2013


I AM happy for a young friend of mine because I have seen some good qualities in him showing over the past few days.
I was in need of a camera – a good one – for the wedding ceremony. I had my own but I wanted to get some good pictures and asked to use his.

He (FDK, who is 23) said he would meet me at the venue where the ceremony was to be held.
He had a good number of things to do on that day though – meet with me at about 10am, get on a vehicle to go to Gaire village (one hour outside Port Moresby) for a job and hopefully return in time for a soccer match.
When he arrived, he had his cameras in his bag and his boots attached to his bag.

Photo: Zooming in on the master of ceremony and pastor celebrant from about 20m away using FDK's camera.

“Sorry, I can’t stay for the wedding and the food because I have a job. I will give you my best camera and I will use the other,” FDK said.
But he showed me how to operate the camera, to zoom in or zoom out to get it focused on subjects I wanted to shoot pictures of.
I learned a few more things from him and enjoyed using the camera (a picture taken from it was posted yesterday).  

This afternoon as I was going into the Sir John Guise Stadium for something, I met him with another young man heading off towards Vision City.
“Hellow Sir. I will pick up the camera later. You see that man. He is a friend of mine. Today is his birthday and I want to buy him some food just to celebrate the day with him,” FDK said.
“That is very good. You’re a good friend. I can see that,” I said.

Do you see why I am saying this young man is showing qualities that are admirable?
He kept his word. And, he took the time to buy a late “birthday” lunch for a pal of his.

Are you working on developing such qualities also? You should.
You be a good person to befriend.       

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