Wednesday, July 17, 2013


SOME of you may have noticed me writing here or there about entrepreneurs and now … I am looking at my reference sources about qualities of true entrepreneurs (which I will share in another medium).

Photo: While everybody was interested in watching the Rugby Union matches last week in Port Moresby, this man and girls (possibly his daughters) were selling iced milk (T-Shake), pop corns and other items to those who came to watch. He is an entrepreneur.

One thing that kind of struck me lately is that true entrepreneurs (or those who want to start their own thing) have to get over the idea of fitting into a mould.
They have to be innovative – and be courageous. They think differently.
Just because others have done it this way does not mean you have to do it that way. (That is how an entrepreneur thinks.)  

It is that trait of doing something that would be uncomfortable to the majority – who’d rather feel comfortable and let others do that dirty stuff.
Like … how would you (as a vendor) feel standing beside the road and calling for people to come and buy your fruits, papers or lemonade?
Or, collecting empty bottles?

Can you imagine yourself doing it? Or, have you ever done it?
If you cannot imagine doing it – or would not dare doing it, then you can’t fare as an entrepreneur.
That is hard, but it is true.
If you want to venture into an entrepreneurship, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone.


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