Tuesday, July 30, 2013


FOR those who are new to PLS, I have been kind-of promoting the French language.
In fact, it is the only foreign language I have learned and am still working on.
(I learned a bit of Japanese in 2010 but then our tutor left after a few weeks and that was the end. We were given a small booklet and I will have to work on from there … when I find the time.)

It is commonly accepted that learning a foreign language opens up the world a bit more for you – kind of adding more windows from your house to look out from to take in the views from outside.
French as well as Spanish are international languages. That means, in most international conferences, speakers can communicate in those languages, as in presenting papers or giving speeches.

A PNG friend (a classmate) who works with an international organization here in Port Moresby says learning French is an advantage when applying for jobs abroad.

Yes, yes, yes, learning the language is quite challenging, in that you will not be able to practise and communicate with someone in the language on a daily basis. (But there are resources that you can make use of.)
I tell my student friends (and those interested) that I listen to French songs, watch French movies and read French texts over the internet to help me get the sounds and learn new words.

Learning the language has helped me appreciate English too. Learning French grammar helps you revisit your basics in English grammar.  
And, I try to teach some of my house people phrases in the language. That has helped too.

If you are in Port Moresby, sign up for courses with Alliance Fran├žaise.
You can read French texts but it is good to listen to a native of the language pronounce the words for you to get them right.
There are sounds in French that are nonexistent in English. And the vowel combinations in French do not give you the same sounds as the same vowel combinations in English.  
Once you have grasped the basics in a formal French class, you can go on from there – either with a teacher or by yourself.

I am doing Level 4 at the moment. In a few weeks time I shall proceed to Level 5.

I have count it a privilege and a joy to learn French.
C’est super! J’aime le fran├žais. (It is super. I love French.)     

Contact the AF director using email address: direction.afpom@gmail.com
The office is at the UPNG Campus - Kuri Dom Building - Room 111.
The telephone number is: 326 7120

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