Monday, July 1, 2013


YES, I am back to my own stuff now with a three main things out of the way (which includes the sister’s wedding).
Oh, but then, another group gave me something else to do, a small information handout/booklet – but I think it is not going to take all my attention as those things from last week.

Do you remember me writing last year about Len Dan, the tutor who was travelling in a vehicle with others and they crashed in a traffic accident … And he was fortunate to live with a mother at Kira Kira village while weathering out the physical and psychological pains?
I am going over it again … umm, the eighth time, possibly.
When I first worked on it (CALL FROM THE EAST), I knew that I had to have a photo of the road going down from Korobosea, and looking down towards Joyce Bay (Horse Camp) as well as the surrounding hills  to bring more details into the work.

Photo: Inside the hired bus and looking down from the winding road that runs by Kira Kira village in Port Moresby. Joyce Bay is right ahead.

Well, over the weekend while overseeing the transportation of our Motuan/Papuan villagers to the venue of the wedding ceremony going by Kira Kira, I had the opportunity to take a few shots.
I think those pictures will add more depth to CFTE when I rework the pieces that I penned months ago.
Pictures/photos do evoke good memories … a lot of memories … and those memories hopefully should be captured better when we ink the lines.
Remember: A picture paints a thousand words.

There are pictures of places that I have take in PNG and abroad (some I have shared with you) and every time I look at them, they bring memories and ideas.
May you also do the same when you want to pen your lines. Find a picture of the subject, and put it in front of you … and write.


NOTE: This was originally posted in Pacific Indigenous Writers group in Facebook.

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