Sunday, July 28, 2013


YOU might have read or heard already that at least 11 people were killed in a road accident in East Sepik last Friday.

I am shocked because there were people on that PMV who were either related to me or related to those who were related to me who lost their lives – or are in very critical condition.

There is a young lady I knew as a child. I watched her grow up as a primary school student, high school student and trained as a teacher and was - up until last week - teaching in one of the primary schools in East Sepik.

She was on that PMV travelling to Wewak, the provincial capital. 
Her younger brother, who I knew as a babe, was with her on the PMV when both of them met their fate.
Yes, I am shocked.  

Please take good care of yourself, wherever you are when travelling.
Do not leave your house without uttering a prayer for your safety and those of others who would be travelling with you.
Always put your lives in the hands of Him who knows everything.
Do not forget Him. Do not take things for granted.

Take care. 

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