Tuesday, July 9, 2013


THESE are the results of the round 2 matches today at PRL, Port Moresby.

Game 1. Cook Islands 39, Solomon Island Hunters 12
Game 2. PNG Pukpuks 39, Tahiti 32

Photo: Solomon Island Hunters (in blue) with Cook Islands getting ready for a line out. Cooks won 39-12.

GAME1. In the first game Cook Islands again used their bigger size to keep the Solomon Islanders in their own half most of the time. Cooks led 17-5 at half time and came back in the score four more tries in the second half, of which only one was converted successfully.
The windy conditions made it difficult for kickers in the teams to get the ball going in the right direction.

Photo: PNG Pukpuks (in gold, black and red) battling Tahiti (in red) in a line out. Tahiti did not make it easy for the Pukpuks. They exited the game losing by 7 points. Pukpuks won 39-32.

GAME 2. In the second game, Tahiti, the underdogs, made the FORU Cup defending champions PNG Pukpuks look average in the first half.
Tahiti scored the first try of the game in the 4th minute when good play from their forward pack pushed the Pukpuks over the left side of the field.
Both teams played hard but Tahiti led 24-20 at half time.
After the recess both teams came in with more determination to win.
But PNG, possibly with the home-ground support, had that extra boost that enabled them to walk out the winner with a 39-32 score line.

MY NOTE: Congratulations to both teams. Special one to our “wantoks” from Tahiti. You made our PNG boys/supporters worried. All the best for the Pukpuks and Tahiti in your games on Saturday.
Best wishes! Bon chance!

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