Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I WAS fortunate to meet an elder from a local village in Port Moresby who is contesting a seat in the coming LLG elections.
I was able to meet the elder on Sunday through one of my Papuan brothers, who is an accountant.  

Among other things, I heard Mr Babani Maraga, from Kira Kira village, talk about how he prospered in his career as a journalist, diplomat and was a member on boards of schools and firms because he listened to his father and walked the path that the father desired of all his sons.

Photo: Former diplomat and journalist, Mr Maraga, the elder who listened to his father.

“My father died a worried man because of a lot of things did not turn out right. I am the fifth in the family. I have other brothers but most of them did not listen to our father,” Mr Maraga said.
He has a positive mindset and is looking forward to winning the seat and helping his people prepare the future for their children and grandchildren.
He is the second elder (in recent years) who has talked about heeding the words of parents/guardians.

The other was the late TK, from Mbuke, Manus, who said a similar thing back in 2004.
TK is possibly the first PNG soccer player to play in Australia as a contracted player back in the 1970s.

POINT: When your parents/guardians talk, do listen. Though they are not perfect and may not be right in everything, you can still learn a lot from them and live a life that honours them, as well as advancing yourself and your own family.  
Yes, I must also admit that some parents/guardians do not give the best advice and are not the best examples in life. But when they talk, do listen.     

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